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Monday, 08.04.
20:30, Annenhof Kino 5
Tuesday, 09.04.
14:00, Schubertkino 2

Im Haus der alten Augustin

Feature Film, AT 2024, DCP, 108 min, OmeU

In Austria in 1986, the year of the Waldheim election, artist Albin (Gerald Pribek), a self-confessed naturalist, fights to win back his girlfriend Ida (Lisa-Carolin Nemec), a medical student who has just left him. Standing in his way is Ida’s authoritarian father Dr. Hampapa, who likes to shoot—not only—rabbits. But then on top of it all, a supposed naturalist commits suicide and everything becomes more and more absurd. A funny yet serious psycho-thriller that discovers the authentic in the crazy and vice versa. 

Director: Gerald Pribek
Script: Gerald Pribek
Cast: Lisa-Carolin Nemec, Gerald Pribek, Birgit Linauer, Clemens Aap Lindenberg, Thomas Erlmoser, Christina Dungl, Günter Tolar, Tobias Ofenbauer, Sir Tralala u.a.
Camera: Dmytro Yamkovyi
Editor: Gerald Pribek, Dmytro Yamkovyi, Tobias Schachinger
Location Sound: Sascha Grafl
Music: David Hebenstreit
Sounddesign: David Hebenstreit
Additional Credits: Tonmischung und Mastering: Wolfgang Setik; Zweite Kamera: Sascha Grafl, Tobias Schachinger
Producers: Gerald Pribek, Elly Senger-Weiss
Production: Gerald Pribek
Co-production: Ellly Films
World Premiere: Diagonale '24
Production format: digital







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