Film ProgramTimetable | Directors

Monday, 08.04.
20:30, Rechbauer
Tuesday, 09.04.
14:00, KIZ Royal 1


Documentary Film, AT 2023, DCP, 97 min, OmeU

Slow movements in the loneliness of the Caucasus. When the observatory’s giant telescope is prepared for the night, a shift begins, with which the perception of our world changes. Cosmosapiens explores a microcosm around what was once the world’s largest reflector telescope. A cinematic kaleidoscope that delves into the everyday lives of a group of scientists. The gaze into the distance is replaced by a reflection of earthly existence against the backdrop of eternity. 

Director: Pavel Cuzuioc
Script: Pavel Cuzuioc
Camera: Pavel Cuzuioc
Editor: Denis Bartenev, Pavel Cuzuioc
Producers: Pavel Cuzuioc
Production: Pavel Cuzuioc Filmproduktion
Funded by: BMKÖS – innovative film
World Premiere: Viennale 2023
Production format: digital







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