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Monday, 08.04.
17:30, Rechbauer

Wie kommen wir da wieder raus?

Feature Film, AT 2023, DCP, 90 min, OmeU

Christmas and corona: a dangerous mix, especially when added to the ordinary madness of a patchwork family. In this festively escalating comedy of discourse, the physician Wanda (Caroline Peters) is faced with the task of organizing a Christmas party for her loved ones—and making sure that the various minor and major disasters that occur over the course of the evening roughly balance out. 

Director: Eva Spreitzhofer
Script: Eva Spreitzhofer
Cast: Caroline Peters, Simon Schwarz. Chantal Zitzenbacher, Marcel Mohab, Hilde Dalik, Pia Hierzegger, Michael Ostrowski, Anna Laimanee, Felix Rank, Angelo Konzett, Marina Lackovic und als Gast Walter Sittler
Camera: Eva Testor
Editor: Alarich Lenz
Location Sound: Claus Benischke-Lang, Karim Weth, Alexander Koller
Music: Iva Zabkar
Sounddesign: Karim Weth
Production Design: Katrin Huber, Gerhard Dohr
Costumes: Martina List
Additional Credits: Casting: Eva Roth; Maske: Martin Geisler, Ines Steininger, Miyu Haydn
Producers: Thomas Hroch, Gerald Podgornig
Production: Mona Film Produktion
Funded by: Österreichisches Filminstitut
Filmfonds Wien
ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen
Kinostart: 30.11.2023
Production format: digital







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