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Sunday, 07.04.
14:30, Annenhof Kino 5
Tuesday, 09.04.
11:00, KIZ Royal 1

The Desert House

Short Documentary Film, AT 2023, DCP, 48 min, eOmdU
Program: Kurzdokumentarfilm Programm 4

Wooden manifestations of the American dream of independence and freedom. The Desert House is devoted to the phenomenon of the mobile home that is carried to its site on a heavy-duty transport truck. Delivered fresh from the factory or purchased from a dealer, the houses roll towards their destination taking up the entire width of the street. Until, like in this cleverly narrated film, they land in the Texan desert.  

Director: Marvin Kanas, Julia Obleitner, Helvijs Savickis
Cast: Marina Peterson (Voice-over)
Camera: Adrien Bourguignon, Marvin Kanas, Helvijs Savickis
Editor: Marvin Kanas, Julia Obleitner, Helvijs Savickis
Music: Bedis Tir
Sounddesign: Edouard Pons
Additional Credits: Text: Marina Peterson; Übersetzung ins Deutsche und deutsche Untertitelung: Clemens Posch
Producers: Marvin Kanas, Julia Obleitner, Helvijs Savickis
Funded by: BMKÖS – Pixel, Bytes + Film
Pixel, Bytes + Film – ORF III Artist in Residence 2022
ORF III Kulturbeirat
World Premiere: Diagonale '24
Production format: digital







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