Festival of Austrian Film
April 4–9, 2024, Graz

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Saturday, 25.03.
20:30, Rechbauer


Feature Film, AT 2022, digital, 265 min, dOF

Lucia, a physician, moves with her family to her husband Matthi’s hometown in the Tyrolean Alps. When a melting glacier releases a woman’s corpse and Lucia’s and Matthi’s daughter Alma disappears, ancient secrets and strange occurrences come to light in the mountain village. Lucia must confront the myth to save Alma: What if nature finally demands the resprect it is owed? A star-studded, six-part mystery-thriller series, which offers a captivating staging of the real, existing problems of climate change and increasing profits at the expense of nature. 

Director: Catalina Molina, Esther Rauch
Script: Kathrin Richter und Jürgen Schlagenhof, Michaela Taschek
Cast: Brigitte Hobmeier, Robert Stadlober, Marie-Luise Stockinger, Maria Hofstätter Karl Fischer, Stipe Erceg, Sylvia Eisenberger, Heinz Marecek, Katrin Lux, Lukas Spisser mit Laeni Geiseler, Paolo di Sapia
Camera: Leah Striker
Editor: Karin Hammer (1,2), Cordula Werner (3-6)
Location Sound: David Hilgers
Music: Giorgio Giampà
Sounddesign: Karim Weth, Florian Kindlinger
Production Design: Veronika Merlin
Costumes: Catherine Buyse Dian
Additional Credits: Präsentiert von Barbara Albert Created by Michaela Taschek
Producers: Gabriela Bacher, Uwe Schott Executive Producer Ursula Wolschlager, Koby Gal-Rady, Moritz von Kruedener, Enrico Ballarin
Production: Primary Pictures
Co-production: X-Filme Production (DE) in Zusammenarbeit mit Beta Film, Mestiere Cinema (IT), in Koproduktion mit dem ORF, BR, NDR in Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE