Festival of Austrian Film
April 4–9, 2024, Graz

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Friday, 24.03.
15:30, KIZ Royal 2


Feature Film, AT 2023, digital, 78 min, dOF

ABC is a journey through twenty-five years of film work, a visual alphabet of sorts that tells of thematic diversity in the three primary colors. A tells of Ludwig Wüst’s first journey to Egypt, a country where his desire to become a filmmaker was born when these unplanned recordings were shot. B is concerned with Wüst’s major theme in life: friendship. C is a poetic condensation on the issue of human existence.  

Director: Ludwig Wüst
Script: Ludwig Wüst
Cast: Peter Pertusini, Markus Schramm
Camera: Ludwig Wüst, Klemens Koscher, Gudrun Fürlinger
Editor: Samuel Käppeli, Lukas J. Beck, Ludwig Wüst, Gudrun Fürlinger
Producers: Ludwig Wüst
Production: ludwigwuest.works