Festival of Austrian Film
April 4–9, 2024, Graz

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Wednesday, 22.03.
23:00, Rechbauer

Das Nachtlokal zum Silbermond

Feature Film, AT 1959, 87 min, dOF

A handful of wannabe dancers from Europe dream of making it big. The group tries their luck in the Middle East—mediated by an agency—and runs into the shady Magali (Marina Petrova), who operates the likewise shady night club Zum Silbermond. Right away, Magali sets her protégés straight that on her stage, what counts first and foremost is naked skin. The police also suspect that things aren’t quite right in the establishment.  

Director: Wolfgang Glück
Script: Wolfgang Glück, Peter Loos, August Rieger
Cast: Marina Petrova, Jürg Holl, Pero Alexander, Marisa Mell, Gerti Gordon, Aina Capell, Renate Rohm, Loni von Friedl u.a.
Camera: Walter Tuch
Editor: Eleonore Kunze
Music: Charly Niessen
Producers: Ernest Müller, August Rieger