Festival of Austrian Film
April 4–9, 2024, Graz

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Wednesday, 22.03.
17:30, Rechbauer

W O W (Kodak)

Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2018, 2 min, kein Dialog
Program: FINALE: No Name City + W O W (Kodak)

Florian Flicker’s documentary No Name City explores the tragicomic fate of the eponymous Western theme park in Lower Austria that proved to be a pipe dream. Viktoria Schmid’s W O W (Kodak) shows the demolition of parts of the Kodak company complex in Rochester—in reverse.  

Director: Viktoria Schmid
Camera: Viktoria Schmid
Editor: Viktoria Schmid
Additional Credits: Mischung: Andreas Pils
Producers: Viktoria Schmid