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Thursday, 23.03.
14:30, Schubertkino 1


Documentary Film, AT 2023, digital, 97 min, OmeU

The road to the Olympics is not determined by talent alone, but also an iron will, discipline, and fearlessness. At the Schigymnasium Stams, a highschool focusing on winter sports, young sportsmen and women, winter sports’ future top athletes, are prepared also in these areas. STAMS captures their daily routine at the border between commitment to success and pressure to perform—and with an attentive camera gaze, often simply lets the bodies speak.  

Director: Bernhard Braunstein
Script: Bernhard Braunstein, Lixi Frank
Cast: Sophia Waldauf, Martina Ambrosi, Eva-Maria Kofler, Pascal Mair, Kevin Kirchebner, Felix Powondra uvm.
Camera: Serafin Spitzer
Editor: Roland Stöttinger
Location Sound: Nora Czamler, Axel Traun, Tong Zhang
Additional Credits: ASSISTENZ DER REGIE UND AUFNAHMELEITUNG: Anna Lehner SOUNDDESIGN: Karim Weth FARBEN: Andi Winter TONMISCHUNG: Alexander Koller IDEE GEMEINSAM ENTWICKELT MIT Sebastian Brameshuber, Stefan Bohun
Producers: Lixi Frank, David Bohun
Production: Panama Film KG







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