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Friday, 24.03.
11:00, Rechbauer

Am Rande der Welt

Documentary Film, AT 1992, 90 min, OmdU

Am Rande der Welt was filmed in Tbilissi (Tiflis), Georgia, in 1991, the year of its independence; and twelve months later, in 1992, the year of its civil war. The period of young democracy, when statues are toppled and public squares renamed, allows the Georgian people a sense of freedom after decades of suppression and isolation. But then comes the time of war and clashes between followers and opponents of the old power dominate the streets of Tbilissi (Tiflis).

Director: Goran Rebić
Script: Goran Rebić
Cast: Levan Shanidze, Merab Ninidze, Tako Tsharkviani, Levan Jordanishvili u.a.
Camera: Jerzy Palacz, Gerald Liegel
Editor: Frank Soiron
Location Sound: Frank Soiron
Music: Ludmilla Makarova, Tako Tsharkviani
Producers: Erich Lackner
Production: Lotus Film







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