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Wednesday, 22.03.
10:30, KIZ Royal 2
Friday, 24.03.
21:00, Schubertkino 2

Jumping Hochhäuser

Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2022, analog - 16mm, 16 min, OmeU
Program: Innovatives Kino Programm 1

One often reads that films have explosive power. This also applies to Tomash Schoiswohl’s analysis of the demolition of social housing in Linz, St. Louis, and Glasgow. However, his film also has jumping power as the filmmaker jumps up and down incessantly at the sites of capital’s new highrises in Vienna. A wild, inspiring proposal for agitational cinema that does not rely on well-known patterns, but instead, makes dissent tangible in leaps.  

Director: Tomash Schoiswohl
Script: Tomash Schoiswohl
Cast: Tomash Schoiswohl
Camera: Georg Oberlechner
Editor: Tomash Schoiswohl
Location Sound: Vinzenz Schwab
Sounddesign: Vinzenz Schwab
Additional Credits: Übersetzung: Serena Lee, Julia Wieger Farbkorrektur: Alaa Alkurdi Ton-Assistenz: Johannes Waibel
Producers: Tomash Schoiswohl







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