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Thursday, 23.03.
11:00, Schubertkino 1
Saturday, 25.03.
15:00, Rechbauer

Marine Target

Innovative Cinema Short, AT/DE 2022, digital, 10 min, eOF
Program: Innovatives Kino Programm 3

We fall as a bomb from great heights over the Salton Sea onto a platform in the middle of the lake, the former target for nuclear weapons tests filmed remotely by the U.S. for data collection. Once landed, Lukas Marxt’s camera surveys the island in a crystal-like arrangement of cadres that frame and create space, while a chorus of ghosts screams out of things and into the images.  

Director: Lukas Marxt
Script: Konzept & Realisation: Lukas Marxt
Sounddesign: Marcus Zilz
Additional Credits: Sprecherin: Julia Scher Schnittberatung: Vanja Smiljanić
Producers: Lukas Marxt







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