Festival of Austrian Film
March 21–26, 2023, Graz

Film ProgramTimetable | Directors

Wednesday, 06.04.
14:30, KIZ Royal 2
Friday, 08.04.
20:30, Schubertkino 2

ECHODROM (Nachts im Bach)

Innovative Cinema Short, AT/DE 2022, digital, 17 min, OmeU
Program: Innovatives Kino Programm 1

With the sound of rippling water, we submerge in a blue visual cosmos of bathtub and wet universe. A red curtain introduces the play of fire. Two worlds that magically interfuse. Gudrun Krebitz’s animated collage is a multivocal underwater meditation on fear, loneliness, and the power of imagination. We are not alone in the dark, you will see! 

Director: Gudrun Krebitz
Script: Gudrun Krebitz
Camera: k.A.
Editor: k.A.
Location Sound: Ton/ Musik/ Sounddesign: Gudrun Krebitz
Sounddesign: Tonmischung: Marian Mentrup
Producers: Gudrun Krebitz