Festival of Austrian Film
March 21–26, 2023, Graz

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Wednesday, 06.04.
14:30, KIZ Royal 2
Friday, 08.04.
20:30, Schubertkino 2

Like You Really Mean It

Innovative Cinema Short, DE 2020, digital, 13 min, OmeU
Program: Innovatives Kino Programm 1

A workshop instructor, somebody in a track suit, and a naked ape meet in Death Valley to proclaim in a supposed dialogue, worldly wisdom and opinions that don’t all have reputable origins. Self-expression in virtual space—a non-site, where the attitudes are more radical than the personalities, a place that is visited to lower the bar together. 

Director: Ale Bachlechner
Script: Ale Bachlechner
Cast: Ale Bachlechner
Camera: Jonathan Kastl
Editor: Ale Bachlechner, Jonathan Kastl
Location Sound: Jonathan Kastl
Music: Julian Prießen
Sounddesign: Julian Prießen
Production Design: Ale Bachlechner
Costumes: Ale Bachlechner
Additional Credits: Künstlerische Mitarbeit: Olivia Platzer
Producers: Ale Bachlechner