Festival of Austrian Film
March 21–26, 2023, Graz

Film ProgramTimetable | Directors

Friday, 08.04.
23:00, KIZ Royal 2
Saturday, 09.04.
18:00, Annenhof Kino 6


Feature Film, AT 2022, digital, 76 min, OmeU

Jasmin and Lee move back to Anif in the countryside of Salzburg. Documentary filmmaker Amira accompanies them and films their relationship, gradually becoming part of a complicated three-way constellation. Elena Wolff’s feature film debut PARA:DIES is a smart docufiction and an outstandingly acted work about queer self-conception and forging of identity in times of obligatory self-expression and self-exploitation. 

Director: Elena Wolff
Script: Elena Wolff
Cast: Julia Windischbauer, Elena Wolff, Selina Graf, Melanie Sidhu
Camera: Vivian Bausch, Ella Knorz
Editor: Julia Windischbauer
Location Sound: Lukas Benedicic
Music: SALÒ, Annika Stein, KUOKO
Sounddesign: Lukas Benedicic
Production Design: Elena Wolff, Julia Windischbauer
Costumes: Elena Wolff, Julia Windischbauer
Additional Credits: Regieassistenz: Monika Ertl, Marie Haberlik
Producers: Julia Windischbauer, Elena Wolff