Festival of Austrian Film
March 21–26, 2023, Graz

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Thursday, 07.04.
21:00, Annenhof Kino 6
Sunday, 10.04.
11:00, KIZ Royal 1

The Bastard King

Feature Film, AT/FR/DE 2021, digital, 89 min, eOmdU

The Bastard King accompanies the life of a lion from birth through to adulthood. The cinematic hybrid of nature film and fictional storytelling shows not only the bloody struggle for survival in the wilderness, but also mechanisms of exclusion and discrimination.The Bastard King advances to an allegory of an endangered species and to a metaphor for the exploitation of the planet.  

Director: Owen Pruemm
Script: Owen Pruemm
Cast: Sprecher: David Oyelowo
Camera: Owen Pruemm
Editor: Aurelien Biette
Music: Laurent Garnier, SAYCET
Sounddesign: Bernhard Zorzi
Additional Credits: Executive Producer: Michael Frenschkowski, Sarita Sharma, Dinah Czezik-Mueller, Emanuel Priou, Yves Darondeau Text: Andy Briggs, Antoine Le Bos Farbkorrektur: Felix Trolldenier Tonmischung: Blautöne Wien
Producers: Walter Koehler, Alexandre Soullier, Owen Pruemm
Production: Terra Mater Factual Studios
Co-production: Bonne Pioche Télévision (FR) Shibumi Films Production (DE)