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Those Shocking Shaking Days
Documentary Film, AT/BA 2016, Farbe, 88 min.
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script, Camera, Editor: Selma Doborac
Location Sound: Originalton (teilweise auch bosnisch, italienisch, französisch) sowie stumm
Sounddesign: Originalton
Additional Credits: Sprecher, deutsch: Paul Kraker
Producers: Selma Doborac
Production: Selma Doborac


A film about war, about the issue of its medial representation, about responsibility and remaining silent: About horror that withdraws from consciousness. Those Shocking Shaking Days is an impressive and unusual anti-war documentary. The film deliberately overwhelms its viewers with challenging questions: by refusing visual explicitness, its image overloaded with text, the film forces critical reflection of the conventions of representation and our own expectations of pictures.

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