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Die Ordnung der Träume
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2017, Farbe+SW, 30 min.
Diagonale 2017

Director: Johannes Gierlinger
Script: Konzept & Realisation: Johannes Gierlinger
Cast: Stephen Mathewson, Martin Hemmer, Eva Sommer, Nancy Mensah-Offei, Oliver Matthias Kratochwill
Location Sound: Jan Zischka, Karl Wratschko, Jan Wielander
Music: Moritz Nahold, Stephen Mathewson
Sounddesign: Peter Kutin
Production Design: Paula Tschira, Johannes Gierlinger
Costumes: Paula Tschira, Johannes Gierlinger
Additional Credits:
Stimme: Lilith Friedmann


Eight essayist miniatures orbit the motif of the city, concentrated to an abstract picture puzzle of urbanity. Fragments of memory nebulously and dreamily acquiesce to an associative and likewise formally precise space of imagination. City, film, and dream play on one another, entice with their symbols and with the risk of becoming lost in them.

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