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A Subsequent Fulfilment of a Pre-Historic Wish
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2015, Farbe+SW, 9 min., eOF
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script, Camera, Editor: Johannes Gierlinger
Cast: Lilith Friedmann, Yusimi Moya Rodriguez, Frank Rottmann
Music: Broken Jokes
Sounddesign: Florian Kindlinger
Additional Credits: Erzählstimme: Bronia Iwanczak Percussion: Christian Martinek & Moussa Kone
Producers: Johannes Gierlinger
Production: Johannes Gierlinger


Propelled by the work and mysterious death of the artist Ana Mendieta, Johannes Gierlinger reflects in minimal, substantial images on loss and memory, on the relationship between nature, art, and death. With subtle melancholy, the film searches for traces left behind by the artist — although not tangible, her presence can be felt in all of the images. A search that is like visual poetry.

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