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Preisträger Kurzdokumentarfilm: Remapping the origins
Short Documentary Film, AT 2018, Farbe+SW, 42 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2019

Director, Script, Camera, Editor: Johannes Gierlinger
Cast: Ula Chrzanowska
Location Sound: Karl Wratschko, Jan Zischka
Music: Frank Rottman, Moritz Nahold
Sounddesign: Peter Kutin
Additional Credits: Resarch by Johannes Gierlinger, Karl Wratschko & Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk Location assistant by Paweł Szarpiący Narration by Martin Hemmer Colors by Claudio Santancini
Producers: Johannes Gierlinger
Production: Johannes Gierlinger


An essayistic portrait of a city, Białystok, a search for the origins of a different political order through re-ordering the images in the cinema. Following Dziga Vertov, Johannes Gierlinger creates a cinematic city that doesn’t exist as such, maybe once rudimentarily did in the past, and possibly will in the future—between what has never entirely become established, and what lives on as utopia in people’s minds.

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