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March 21–26, 2023, Graz

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Unser täglich Brot
Documentary Film, AT 2005, Farbe, 92 min.
Diagonale 2015

Director, Camera: Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Script: Wolfgang Widerhofer, Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Editor: Wolfgang Widerhofer
Location Sound: Stefan Holzer, Andreas Hamza, Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson
Producers: Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Markus Glaser, Michael Kitzberger, Wolfgang Widerhofer
Production: NGF Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion


Geyrhalter’s Our Daily Bread, an ice-cold survey of mechanized food production and the director’s best-known work, declines to identify its scenes of modern agribiz as usual – not to protect individuals or corporations, but to help brand Food, Inc. a global epidemic. (Rob Nelson, Village Voice)