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Zu ebener Erde
Documentary Film, AT 2018, Farbe, 91 min., dOV
Diagonale 2018

Director: Birgit Bergmann, Steffi Franz, Oliver Werani
Script: Steffi Franz
Camera: Oliver Werani
Editor: Birgit Bergmann
Location Sound: Sergey Martynyuk, Florian Rabl
Sounddesign: Sergey Martynyuk
Additional Credits: Künstlerische Mitarbeit: Katarina Csanyiova Dramaturgie: Constantin Wulff Produktionsleitung: Hanne Lassl
Producers: Johannes Rosenberger, Constantin Wulff
Production: Navigator Film


The documentary, produced in a collective, ac­companies women and men in Vienna who live without a home. Between sensitive proximity and respectful distance, the penetrative portraits tell of relationships between people, of reduced needs, of networks of dependency, and of borders that people have set themselves or have had imposed upon them. Zu ebener Erde is a disarmed, honest film about the reality of life between visibility and invisibility.

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