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Die Revolution frisst ihre Kinder!
Feature Film, AT/BF 2019, Farbe, 75 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2020

Director: Jan-Christoph Gockel
Camera: Eike Zuleeg
Editor: Eike Zuleeg
Additional Credits: Produktionsleitung: Jennifer Weiss
Producers: Iris Laufenberg
Production: Schauspielhaus Graz


The Diagonale’20 was cancelled due to official measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The theater director Julia Gräfner travels with her ensemble to Burkina Faso to put on “Danton’s Death.” Jan-Christoph Gockel sets the events for his film shortly before the popular uprising in 2014, which he personally experienced. When the protests swell, Gräfner succumbs to the delusion that as a theater director, she has initiated the political unrest. Satire and reality are nearly indistinguishable in this semi-fictional mockumentary.

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