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Plastic Planet
Documentary Film, AT/DE 2009, Farbe, 95 min.
Diagonale 2010

Director: Werner Boote
Script: Werner Boote
Cast: John Taylor, Felice Casson, Beatrice Bortolozzo, Patricia Hunt, Margot Wallström u.a.
Camera: Thomas Kirschner
Editor: Ilana Goldschmidt, Cordula Werner, Tom Pohanka
Location Sound: Eick Hoemann, Jens Ludwig, Ekkehart Baumung
Music: The Orb
Producers: Thomas Bogner, Daniel Zuta
Production: Neue Sentimental Film
Co-production: Brandstorm Entertainment (DE)


Plastic is cheap and practical. We are all children of the plastic age. Plastics can survive for up to 500 years in the ground and watercourses, and disturb the balance of our hormones with their unknown ingredients. In this investigative documentary, director Werner Boote shows how plastic has become a global threat. So why aren’t we changing our patterns of consumption? Why is industry not reacting to the danger? Who is responsible for the mountains of garbage in the deserts and the seas? (Production notes)