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Attack of the Lederhosenzombies
Feature Film, AT 2016, Farbe, 78 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2017

Director: Dominik Hartl
Script: Armin Prediger, Dominik Hartl
Cast: Laurie Calvert, Gabriela Marcinková, Oscar Dyekjær Giese, Margarethe Tiesel, Karl Fischer, Kari Rakkola, Martin Loos, Patricia Aulitzky
Camera: Xiaosu Han, Andreas Thalhammer
Editor: Daniel Prochaska
Location Sound: Claus Benischke
Music: Paul Gallister
Sounddesign: Dušan Kozák, Lukáš Kasprzyk
Production Design: Florian Kaposi
Costumes: Cinzia Cioffi
Producers: Markus Fischer
Production: Fischer Film


Zom-Com made in Austria: A money-grubbing hotelier develops a miracle cure; everlasting artificial snow. There’s a somewhat more annoying – but, naturally, strictly secret – side effect: everyone who comes into contact with the fake flakes turns into a zombie. When three professional snowboarders become stranded in a mountain hut in the midst of this supposed winter paradise, all hell breaks loose – to put it mildly.

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