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Risse im Beton
Feature Film, AT 2014, Farbe, 106 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2015

Director: Umut Dağ
Script: Petra Ladinigg
Cast: Murathan Muslu, Alechan Tagaev, Mehmet Ali Salman, Erdem Turkoglu, Martina Spitzer, Ines Wallner u. a.
Camera: Georg Geutebrück
Editor: Claudia Linzer
Location Sound: Sergey Martynyuk
Music: Iva Zabkar
Sounddesign: Sergey Martynyuk, Iva Zabkar
Production Design: Katrin Huber, Gerhard Dohr
Costumes: Cinzia Cioffi
Producers: Michael Katz, Veit Heiduschka
Production: WEGA Film


Ertan spent ten years in prison. He no longer wants to have anything to do with dirty deals and respect. Mikail, on the other hand, is about to embark upon a similar criminal career. To finance his first mixtape, the fifteen-year-old deals drugs. Without being asked, Ertan persistently tries to dissuade the young man from taking the route that destroyed all of his hope. A milieu film with street credibility, an unadorned approach to two multi-related biographies.

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