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Was soll'n wir denn machen ohne den Tod
Documentary Film, DE 1980, Farbe+SW, 101 min.
Diagonale 2011

Director, Script, Camera: Elfi Mikesch
Cast: mit Frau Käthe und Frau Traute und Altenheimbewohner/innen, Edith London, Barbara Gold, Steve Adamschewski
Editor: Anke-Rixa Hansen, Renate Merck, Elfi Mikesch
Location Sound: Katharina Rosa, Anke-Rixa Hansen
Music: Gysel, Traute Hagelstein
Producers: Elfi Mikesch, Maya Faber-Jansen
Production: Oh Muvie Film
Co-production: ZDF


Director Elfie Mikesch has unobtrusively entered into the lives of patients living in an old age home and compassionately tells their stories in this skillful documentary. When elderly women recall their past, Mikesch segues into sepia tones as they speak, contrasting their periods of reminiscences with the bright summer sunlight that bathes the landscape outside the nursing home. The seniors reflect on questions relating to life, death, aging, companionship, and other issues that are of concern to anyone. Even though the topic of death cannot be avoided in this setting, it is handled as a natural, ordinary end to life, not morbid, not shunned, but accepted. (Eleanor Mannikka)

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