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Im Jakotop
Documentary Film, AT 2022, Farbe, 105 min., dOF
Diagonale 2022

Director, Script: Markus Mörth
Cast: Elli Bauer, Erika Thümmel, Carl Binder, Sanela Pansinger, Günter Ebenschweiger, Richard Moser, Angela Kaltenböck-Luef, Raini Lackner, Wilhelmine Weißenböck, Ingrid Sauseng
Camera: Markus Mörth, Martin Gruja
Editor: Oliver Wendlinger
Location Sound: Uwe Seifner
Music: Hannes Gill
Sounddesign: Peter Utvary
Additional Credits: Recherche: Klaus Strobl, Markus Mörth
Producers: Klaus Strobl
Production: Café Jakomini – Verein für Stadtteilarbeit, Quartierkultur und Bezirksforsch


Jakomini is a little world of its own: the largest district in Graz, which is located next to the first district, bordered by the Mur River and Merkur Arena, has many faces. In Markus Mörth’s documentary Im Jakotop, the filmmaker explores everyday life in the district, lets diverse people who live there have their say, and with a tender and original stash of images, creates a different kind of Heimatfilm.

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