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Die Welt sehen – Der Fotokünstler Paul Albert Leitner
Short Documentary Film, AT 2012, Farbe, 33 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2012

Director, Editor: Tristan Zahornicky
Script: Tristan Zahornicky, Robert Zahornicky
Cast: Paul Albert Leitner
Camera: Peter Kittenberger
Location Sound: Philip Piwonka
Producers: Tristan Zahornicky, Robert Zahornicky
Production: zahorfilm


A photographer is many things: an observer, analyst, philosopher, and writer. Paul Albert Leitner is perhaps first and foremost a collector. He meticulously catalogs pictures, makes notes, and cultivates his observations about the world. From the architecture of Luna Park to bathtubs and hotel rooms; from Vienna to New York to Iran – each photo contains a story, each picture is a journey and Leitner certainly knows how to convey it.

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