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The Woman Who Turned Into A Castle
Animation, AT/GB 2018, Farbe, 4 min., eOF
Diagonale 2019

Director, Script, Camera, Editor: Kathrin Steinbacher
Music: Jan Willem de With
Sounddesign: Kathrin Steinbacher, Jan Willem de With
Additional Credits: Voice Over: Julia Meola Clarinet: Ben Mason Sound Mix: Mike Wyeld Animation: Kathrin Steinbacher Colouring: Kathrin Steinbacher Bertram Tinhof Alessia Angelini Alice Bindloss Julia Maria Marchowska Lily Shaul Elaine Song Nathan Ward
Producers: Royal College Of Art London
Production: Royal College of Art


“They forced me back to life. They made my body move again.” Kathrin Steinbacher’s animated film portrays the subjective perception of a woman who has been torn from a forty-year sleep. Neurasthenic montages, unsettling perspectives, the dissolution of the world into the abstract, and an uncanny, other-worldly sound design mediate states of fear in light of a reality gone astray, from which she has to escape.

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