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Wolfgang Ambros - Du verstehst mi ned
Music Video, AT 1984, Farbe, 6 min.
Diagonale 2017

Director: Rudi Dolezal


A surreal look at a young Vienna in the early 80s: procrastinating the night away, in trendy clothes and in full control of the codes, young people are trying to find a partner, or drugs, or just want to present themselves. Niki List's Malaria is cinematographic Pop art: The world as a chaos of signifiers has found its way into this film which manages to find a utopian potential within. At roughly the same time, Wolfgang Ambros sings at the legendary Eden Bar about a fight that breaks out every morning at the breakfast table – beneath a Pop art painting.
(Alejandro Bachmann)

This is not America — Austrian Drifters
Starting with the Arena occupation in Vienna in the summer of 1976, when the nexus of pop, film and political attitude became more visible than ever before in Austria, this six-part-program examines the intertwining of pop and film. The figure of the drifter functions as a guide in this search for pop instances in Austrian cinema and the fundamentally „cinematic“ aspects of pop.

1000 Beat Film As romping grounds for ideologies and identities, pop has become more topical again as a venue for political and social debates. “1000 Beat Film”, searches for pop motifs in Austrian film and summons a pleasurable (re)reading of its moving images – between anarchy in the pubs and hedonism in the suburban disco.

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