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Wir sind alle Kanaken
Short Documentary Film, AT/DE 2021, Farbe, 22 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2023

Director: Kervin Saint Pere
Script: Konzept & Realisation: Kervin Saint Pere
Additional Credits: Sprecher*innen: Kervin Saint Pere, Vitória Monteiro, Marcela Torres Heredia, Rahel grote Lambers; Archivaufnahmen »Neuguinea Papua« von Adele Kraft (Österreichisches Filmmuseum) und Archivmaterial aus dem Weltmuseum Wien und dem MARKK Hamburg
Producers: Saint Pere Kervin


Kervin Saint Pere opens the archive’s fine wooden drawer to search for the word “Kanake.” He views it as not only a bygone construct of German colonialization, but also as a violent paradigm of the present. He makes the archive material visible mainly through its absences: an unreadability that takes the control away from our colonial gaze.

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