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Feature Film, AT 2018, Farbe, 99 min., 15.3. OmeU / 17.3. OmdU
Diagonale 2018

Director: Alexandra Makarová
Script: Alexandra Makarová, Sebastian Schmidl
Cast: Simona Kováčová, Roman Pokuta, František Balog, Simonida Selimovic, Maximillian Six, Martin Gábor, Wolfgang Zechmayer, Eva Spreitzhofer, Saša Makarová
Camera: Georg Weiss
Editor: Lisa Zoe Geretschläger
Location Sound: Peter Rösner
Music: Johannes Winkler
Sounddesign: Peter Rösner
Production Design: Momo Ehegartner
Costumes: Momo Ehegartner
Additional Credits: Dramaturgie: Senad Halilbasic Casting: Juraj Baláz
Producers: Simon Schwarz, Konstantin Seitz
Production: Alternative Productions


Rocky, a mafia patron and despot, runs a relentless regime somewhere in the outskirts of Vienna. His teenage nephew Pepe hands over his begged earnings to him every day. When young Marcela travels from the town they both come from in eastern Slovakia to Vienna to work off the debts her father has with Rocky, a love story begins to play out between her and Pepe. However, impeded by family pressures and Rocky’s vested interest in Marcela, the two are granted only a few carefree moments.

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