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Documentary Film, AT 1981, Farbe, 75 min.
Diagonale 2011

Director: Angela Summereder
Script: Angela Summereder
Cast: mit Maria Zechmeister, Maria Thorwarth, Rosa Renetzeder-Zechmeister, Claudia Schneider, Herbert Adamec, Asher Mendelssohn
Camera: Hille Sagel, Animation: Elfi Mikesch
Editor: Dörte Völz
Music: Christian Geerdes, Fritz Mikesch, Ursula Weck, Franz Lehár
Producers: Monika Maruschko
Production: Neue Studio Film


Angela Summereder and cinematographer Hille Sagel work miracles with much movement within very simple frames. Nothing new or against Maria Zechmeister is proven in the film, but a healthy doubt is being cast about the workings of justice as such. Here is a film of strong dramatic impact, deep compassion and high humor, stylistically innovative and should do well not only on the festival circuit but if handled carefully on the open market. (Variety, 1981)

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