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La Pivellina
Feature Film, AT/IT 2009, Farbe, 100 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2010

Director: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
Script: Tizza Covi
Cast: Patrizia Gerardi, Tairo Caroli, Asia Crippa, Walter Saabel
Camera: Rainer Frimmel
Editor: Tizza Covi
Location Sound: Tizza Covi
Producers: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
Production: Vento Film


Abandoned in a park, Asia, a two-year-old girl, is found by Patti, a circus woman living with her husband Walter in a trailer park in San Basilio on the outskirts of Rome. With the help of Tairo, a teenager who lives with his grandma in an adjacent trailer, Patti gives the girl a new home for an uncertain period of time. La Pivellina is a film about a cosmos of outcasts in present-day Italy: a moving tale of courage and discrimination, of loss and togetherness. (Production notes)

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