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Back to the Fatherland
Documentary Film, AT 2017, Farbe, 75 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2018

Director: Kat Rohrer, Gil Levanon
Script: Anneliese Rohrer, Susan Korda
Camera: Thomas Marschall
Editor: Georg Eggenfellner
Music: Tao Zervas
Sounddesign: Andreas Pils
Producers: Katharina Rohrer, Matthias Kress, Gil Levanon
Production: GreenKat Productions


With their documentary, Gil Levanon and Kat Rohrer investigate what it might mean for Holocaust survivors living in Israel when their grandchildren move back to Germany or Austria; and the conflicting feelings this step evokes on all sides. Back to the Fatherland is filmic fathoming. A gathering of voices to work on the relationship with a present in which the past is inscribed.

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