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Aus dem Auge
Short Documentary Film, DE/AT 2013, Farbe, 11 min.
Diagonale 2013

Director: Matthias Zuder
Script: Matthias Zuder, Off-Text: Valerie Fritsch
Cast: mit: Andrea Eckert
Camera: Thomas Förster
Editor: Thomas Förster, Matthias Zuder, Jan Zischka
Location Sound: Mario Dancso
Music: Mario Dancso
Sounddesign: Mario Dancso
Producers: Matthias Zuder
Production: Hamburg Media School
Co-production: Thomas Förster, Marie-Therese Thill


A tracking shot leads us through a stark and seemingly endless corridor. From off-camera the building complex is put into context: “War is the culture of destruction,” we hear someone say. As a place of recovery, the unfinished NS-Prestige Project, whose gigantic proportions hint at a fascist lunacy, was meant to aid this “culture.” A concise portrait of a non-place, which never fulfilled its purpose.

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