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Aun – der Anfang und das Ende aller Dinge
Feature Film, AT/JP 2011, Farbe, 100 min., OmdU
Diagonale 2012

Director: Edgar Honetschläger
Script: Edgar Honetschläger, Reinhard Jud
Cast: Hiyori Yuki, Rosanne Mulholland, Saito Yosuke, William Ferreira, Tenji Kamogawa u.a.
Camera: Hisaki Sanbongi, Hiroyuki Mizuno
Editor: Harald Aue, Tomoko Hiruta, Seiji Harimoto
Location Sound: Aonuma Nobuyuki
Music: Christian Fennesz
Sounddesign: Georg Mittermayr
Production Design: Takeuchi Etsuko, Yasuhi Ohono
Costumes: Chako Sakurai, Makiko Kawai
Producers: Edgar Honetschläger, Yukika Kudo
Production: Edoko Institute Vienna/Tokyo
Co-production: RIBO LTD TOKYO


Employing a series of surreal dream sequences, Honetschläger poses existential questions, pushing boundaries to their limits in the process: Ultimately, the substance that allows the world to vanish from the universe is itself purged. The journey takes us from the great inventor Sekai, by way of his son Aun, to Euclides. At the heart of the journey are the search for a future worth living in and a sea snail, which may contain the desired solution. A philosophical, Shinto-inspired cinematic portrait.

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