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Short Film, DE 2011, Farbe, 10 min.
Diagonale 2012

Director: Matthias Zuder
Script: Marie-Therese Thill
Cast: Enno Trebs, Alexander Wüst, Tilo Werner
Camera: Jürgen Kemmer
Editor: Jan Hille
Location Sound: Holger Jansen, Claudia Mattei del Moro
Music: Mario Dancso
Production Design: Christoph Sälzer, Johanna Fricke-Tondolo, Katharina Kokstein
Costumes: Ines Frauen
Producers: Thorsten Heger
Production: Hamburg Media School


Beaten up, filmed, humiliated; at the extrajudicial mediation, a victim-offender- reconciliation, Mario doesn’t seem to recall assaulting Clemens. “You must be joking,” the victim retorts bluntly, “We’re stars – it’s all over the web.” Mediation avoids preaching about the role of social class. The offender appears to be old enough to take responsibility. In the end, Clemens must accept that his attempt at making sense of the assault is futile.

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