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Szenen meiner Ehe
Documentary Film, DE 2019, Farbe, 94 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2019

Director, Script, Camera, Location Sound: Katrin Schlösser
Editor: Barbara Gies, Katrin Schlösser
Sounddesign: Tatjana Jakob
Additional Credits: Mischung Matthias Lempert Dramaturgische Beratung Dieter Pichler Produktion Katrin Springer, Frank Löprich Technischer Support edelbytes postproduction Jakob Wehrmann Farbkorrektur Farbkult Felix Hüsken Produzentinnen: Hannah Dörr, Katrin Schlösser
Producers: Hannah Dörr, Katrin Schlösser
Production: öFilm Dörr & Schlösser GmbH


Katrin and Lukas meet by chance on the street. Ten years have passed since they had an affair. They go to a pub, and shortly after that Lukas proposes to Katrin. In order to explore the riddle of love, from then on, with the camera on her cell phone Katrin captures moments of their relationship and assembles them to a very personal documentary. Szenen meiner Ehe tells in an amusing, courageous, and also uncompromising way of love with all its ups and downs, and in doing so, steadily forces viewers to reflect back on themselves.

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