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Suzie Washington
Feature Film, AT 1998, Farbe, 87 min.
Diagonale 2015

Director, Script: Florian Flicker
Cast: Birgit Doll, Wolfram Berger, Karl Ferdinand Kratzl, August Zirner, Nina Proll, Merab Ninidže, Liliana Nelska, Brigitte Eder, Kathrin Pilz, Michael Kreihsl, Johannes Nikolussi, Klaus Ortner, Goran Rebić, Andreas Lust, Carmen Loley, Bernadette Schneider
Camera: Robert Neumüller
Editor: Monika Willi
Location Sound: Bernhard Weirather, Andreas Kopriva
Music: Andi Haller and the Lonesome Andi Haller Band
Producers: Helmut Grasser
Production: Allegro Film


Suzie Washington tells the story of a woman who escapes from the former Eastern bloc into fortress Europe, although her true destination is America. Florian Flicker’s second feature-length film opened the first Diagonale in Graz in 1998, won the Grand Diagonale Prize, and is just as relevant now as it was then.

Admission free Free tickets at the cinema cashier one hour before the program starts.

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