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Innovative Cinema, AT 2022, Schwarzweiß, 230 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2024

Director, Script, Editor, Sounddesign: Peter Schreiner
Cast: Maria Schreiner, Peter Schreiner, Zakaria Mohamed Ali u.a.
Camera: Peter Schreiner, Leo Schreiner, Zakaria Mohamed Ali
Location Sound: Peter Schreiner, Leo Schreiner
Producers: Peter Schreiner
Production: Peter Schreiner – echtzeitfilm


The clouds in the sky, the rustling of leaves, voices in the garden: Peter Schreiner, who has been diagnosed with cancer, asks in a voiceover, “How long will all of this last?” And he continues to film, day after day, with long pauses, then every day again: family and friends, a trip to Italy, TV images of Ukraine, and then himself, again and again, looking calmly into the camera. A moving film about living, loving, and dying, which opens up from Schreiner’s self reflection to an intimate dialogue with his wife Maria.

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