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Der träumende Mund
Feature Film, DE/FR 1932, Schwarzweiß, 93 min., dOF
Diagonale 2013

Director: Paul Czinner
Script: Paul Czinner, Carl Mayer nach Motiven des Bühnenstücks „Mélo“ von Henri Bernstein (1930)
Cast: Anton Edthofer, Elisabeth Bergner, Rudolf Forster, Margarete Hruby, Jaro Fürth
Camera: Jules Krueger
Editor: Erich Schmidt
Music: Werke von Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner
Producers: Marcel Hellmann
Production: Pathé-Cinéma, Paris
Co-production: Matador Film, Berlin


The actress Elisabeth Bergner plays Gaby, a woman torn between her husband and her lover. Bergner’s congenial portrayal and Czinner’s direction led the film to worldwide success. Der träumende Mund continues to fascinate audiences to this day, as a master- ful study of the Weimar spirit and as a catalog of the aesthetic norms of the 1920s.

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