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Innovative Cinema Short, AT 1998, Schwarzweiß, 20 min., ohne Dialog
Diagonale 2013

Director: Josef Dabernig, Markus Scherer
Script: Josef Dabernig, Markus Scherer
Cast: Josef Dabernig, Wolfgang Dabernig, Markus Scherer, Marino Grassi, Cesira Leschiutta
Camera: Christian Giesser
Editor: Josef Dabernig, Markus Scherer
Location Sound: Josef Dabernig, Markus Scherer
Producers: Josef Dabernig


Three uniformed men in a car driving up a mountain road. Finally they unload their heavy packs and, between bushes and boulders, begin to carry it uphill. The increasingly questionable logic of this process is accen­ tuated by the apparent physical handicap of one of the men.

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