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Short Film, AT/DE 2020, Farbe, 20 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2021

Director, Script: Rosa Friedrich
Cast: Maresi Riegner, Henny Reents, Lars Rudolph, Alfredo Minea, Monika Oschek
Camera: Albert Car
Editor: Svenja Plaas
Location Sound: Victoria Grohs
Sounddesign: Kai Shimada
Production Design: Jan Klammer, Valentin Hämmerle
Costumes: Carola Pizzini
Additional Credits: Maske: Tom Mayr Casting: Franz Quitt
Producers: Dominic Spitaler
Production: Filmakademie Wien
Co-production: ostblok


Betty (the once again magnificent Maresi Riegner) is in the late stages of pregnancy, and at a wedding with the father of her child. But he isn’t marrying Betty. In this shrill, hyped-up film by Rosa Friedrich, it seems that sanity doesn’t stand a chance. One hysterically scatters glitter on the bitterness, and sings and dances, deceiving—oneself.

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