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Sukkubus - Den Teufel im Leib
Feature Film, DE 1989, Farbe, 80 min.
Diagonale 2014

Director: Georg Tressler
Script: Franz Seitz
Cast: Peter Simonischek, Giovanni Früh, Andy Voß, Pamela Prati
Camera: Rudolf Blahacek
Editor: Gisela Haller
Music: Rolf A. Wilhelm
Producers: Franz Seitz, Ludwig Waldleitner
Production: Franz Seitz Filmproduktion
Co-production: Roxy Film


A trio of lonely herdsman, together with their cattle, prepare for a summer of scarcity in the Alps. In the midst of this male-dominated hierarchy, the “Sennentuntschi,” a figurine made of sticks and straw, is brought to life, and before long the men die one by one. It’s a bizarre declaration of love to the vengeful “Almighty Woman” and a dark-humored piece in defiance of the homeland.

Introduction: Paul Poet

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