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Sara The Dancer
Short Film, AT/DE 2017, Farbe, 12 min., eOF (Wettbewerb) / OmdU (kinoCLASS)
Diagonale 2017

Director: Tim Ellrich
Script: Tim Ellrich, Lea Najjar, Dominik Huber
Camera: Google Street View
Editor: Maximilian Merth, Andreas Ribarits
Location Sound: Google Translate
Music: Andreas Pfeiffer
Sounddesign: Volker Armbruster
Production Design: Lea Najjar
Producers: Tim Ellrich
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Co-production: Coronado Film


Sara is a Google street-view camera who photographs the streets from the roof of a car. As she listens to the music of the driver, it sets something in her free. Unsettled by her unknown impulse, she googles for help. In accordance with the user data analysis, the search engine simply reinforces Sara’s behavior and she confuses capitalist controlled permeation with existential purpose.

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