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April 4–9, 2024, Graz

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Some Exercise in Complex Seeing is Needed
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2012, Farbe, 3 min., eOF
Diagonale 2013

Director, Script: Carola Dertnig
Camera: Katharina Cibulka
Editor: Katharina Cibulka
Producers: Carola Dertnig
Production: Carola Dertnig Production


Carola Dertnig swims steadfastly against the current. Her movement at a standstill conveys perseverance, akin to the daily work done on oneself. From off­camera, the artist can be heard reciting a poem: alphabetically ordered terms, plati­ tudes, quotations on historical performances – her personal system of reference for life as an incessant rehearsal.

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