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Sommer '04
Feature Film, DE 2006, Farbe, 97 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2009

Director: Stefan Krohmer
Script: Daniel Nocke
Cast: Martina Gedeck, Robert Seeliger, Peter Davor, Svea Lohde, Lucas Kotaranin, Nicole Marischka u.a.
Camera: Patrick Orth
Editor: Gisela Zick
Location Sound: Steffen Graubaum
Sounddesign: Tobias Peper
Production Design: Silke Fischer, Volko Kamensky
Costumes: Silke Sommer
Producers: Katrin Schlösser
Production: Ö Filmproduktion GmbH (DE)
Co-production: SWR, BR, WDR, ARTE


Together with her partner André, their son Niels and his girlfriend of 12 years, 40-year-old Miriam Franz is spending the holidays in North Germany. While out sailing, Livia meets Bill, and Miriam watches, concerned that love seems to be blooming between the two. Miriam decides she has to intervene. In the process she becomes interested in Bill herself, and begins an affair with him. Soon it's impossible for Miriam to decide between responsibility and jealousy.

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