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So schaut's aus. G'schichten vom Willi Resetarits
Documentary Film, AT 2008, Farbe, 72 min.
Diagonale 2009

Director, Script: Harald Friedl
Cast: Willi Resetarits u.a.
Camera: Helmut Wimmer, Jerzy Palazc, Joerg Burger
Editor: Elke Groen
Location Sound: Axel Traun, Joe Knauer, Klaus Kellermann, Dietmar Zuson
Producers: Kurt Mayer
Production: kurt mayer film
Co-production: ORF


Willi Resetarits has been exciting and inspiring people for years, as a musician, entertainer and activist. Harald Friedl's portrait of this exceptional Austrian talent recounts his life, his influences, both political and emotional, and his distinctive musical style. The film is shot at important locations from his life and career, and stays true to Resetarits, the person. Resetarits is not as young as he once was and as he looks back on his life from the here and now, the past is still very much with him.

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